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Additional Maintenance Services from Toy Locker

Additional Maintenance Services from Toy Locker

Keeping your RV, boat or trailer maintenance in tip-top shape while its in storage isn’t always easy. Sometimes issues arise when we least expect them; like right before we leave for a big trip. However, when these issues do arise-or to avoid them, Toy Locker Storage can facilitate additional third party services to help solve any problem. Such services may be preventative, while others can be to restore your equipment to its original state. Most services are done on-site, while others may be required to be brought to third party location. 

Please contact us for rates on any additional services you may need.

Preventative Services:

  • Vehicle washing and waxing
  • Battery charging and trickle charging
  • Top-off tire pressure and fluid levels
  • Oil changes and other scheduled maintenance
  • Propane tank filling

Additional Services:

  • Rust and chipping damage or replacement
  • Graphic reconditioning or vehicle wrapping
  • Battery replacement
  • Refrigeration or heating and cooling problems
  • Wheel replacement
  • Bumps, chips, dents cracks and crashes
  • Replacement parts

We are the premier provider of Preventative Maintenance Services in Loma Linda, San Bernardino, Rialto, Fontana and Colton.

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