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Do you want to store your classic car or your family heirloom vehicle? Or maybe there's that extra car with nowhere to park it? Toy Locker Storage has the solution with inside and outside units. Anytime you need your car, it will be here safe and secure.

Drop-off and Pick Up:

When you're ready to head out, or your coming back, just call our friendly staff within 24 hours and we'll handle everything for you.

Feel free to use our wash station to rinse the car off from you trip.

Storage Check List:

  • Drip Pan - place a drip pan under your car during storage
  • Fuel Stabilizer - add fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas right before you store your car. Drive it home from the gas station so that the fuel circulates through the fuel system.
  • Top off Brake Fluids - eliminate moisture from building up
  • Top off Trans Fluid
  • Top off Rear Differential Fluid
  • Change Oil and Filter - removes moisture or any contaminant that may be present
  • Disconnect Battery - some late model vehicles must remain powered
  • Battery Trickle Charge - attach battery to a trickle charge to keep it fully charged
  • Wash and Wax - remove dust and dirt before you store. This will eliminate the chance of picking up scratches especially if you use a car cover
  • Car Cover - make sure you use a breathable indoor car cover that won't trap moisture under the cover
  • Clean your Interior - clean your interior and apply upholstery conditioner to avoid cracking while your car is stored in a dry environment
  • Remove your Trunk Mats - trunk mats will trap moisture between the mat and the metal trunk floor. Eventually this area will rust if it is not properly maintained
  • Lubricate Where Necessary - now is a good time to lubricate your door latches, hood latch or any part that requires lubrication
  • Weatherstrips - apply weatherstrip conditioner to your door seals/trunk seals. Check your owner's manual to see what product your manufacturer recommends.
  • WD-40 Bare Metal - If you have any bare metal parts especially on a restored car, you should use WD-40 to prevent rust from forming. You can even apply WD-40 to your brake rotors as long as you remember to clean them off when you take the car out of storage
  • Moisture Bags - leave moisture absorbing bags in the interior of your car to absorb any moisture that might be present
  • Block Exhaust and Intake - placing a towel over the intake or stuffing rags in the tailpipes will keep small animals out of your motor and prevent moisture from getting in
  • Insurance - Insuring your vehicle while it is stored is a must
  • Cooling System - drain and fill your cooling system with non corrosive coolant

Flat rate's for indoor and outdoor storage of your recreational vehicles in a safe, secure and clean Southern California facility.


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Toy Locker Storage
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371 S. Cactus Ave., Rialto, CA 92376
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